Sunday, October 5, 2008


I may be a month late but let me tell you about my sister. She celebrated her 48 birthday on Sept. 5-exactly one month ago. To say that we have been through alot together doesn't even begin to tell the story. We "enjoyed" our childhood, I guess. We really didn't argue that much and even though I didn't always want her to go with me, it was easier to get out of the house if both of us were going-so off we would go. We were so excited when nieces started being born and I know we were responsible for spoiling those girls crazy!!!! When Karen had her first-born, Walker, needless to say, he was special---the first and only boy until Jordan joined the family! Let me correct that, he really wasn't any more special than the rest but he was a boy! Then came Kristen and Samantha and I know I must have driven Karen crazy because I was always buying them something or wanting her to do something for them, with me! But some how she put up with me...then came Jess-you know what they say about payback??!!!!

I can honestly say that Ka-Ka is the best aunt ever. She always does whatever Jess needs or wants and always had. When Jess was born she "held down the fort" at home and even let Jordan "bunk" with her family for a few days before we came home from Augusta! I know that she was dying to be over there and know exactly what was going on, but her being home and having lunch ready before we left and everything ready for us when we got home was PRICELESS!!!! We have had our disagreement and we don't always see "eye to eye" but she is a great sister and aunt. Happy Belated Birthday, Karen---at least you got your present before your post!!!!!! Love ya!


LaurieR said...

You've had "disagreement"....singular??? lol. good post, she would definitely be in my "favorite aunts" catagory too! Love you both!!

Leigh said...

Well crap I know I forgot to blog on Sunday! I am a bad neice but I will make that up to her!! And I am so glad that you and weeze did!! We all love Kaka...I mean crap I should be in here family!! (Immediate family that is) Love you and the post is great!! =)