Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone had a nice Turkey-Day. Ours started as most of Kenny's days off-a major project! He decided to tackle putting new shelves in Jessica's closet. We had so much, I'll say stuff-Kenny says JUNK, in her closet to take out before he could even begin. Then after 2 1/2 hours he was finished. It does look alot better and gives her tons of more room-but then there was the clean-up!! What to throw away, what to put in the attic (with all the other junk) and what to keep! We finally finished and fortunately I didn't burn the corn or the sweet potatoes!

We headed over to Kenny's Mom and Dad's around 1 and had dinner and then just visited until time for left-over. I have to say that I think the left-overs are my favorite part-not near as much to clean up!

Jessica and I had spent Wed. at Mom and Dad's. We had breakfast with them and Karen and Ervin and then helped Mom get her Christmas Decorations up. Today (Black Friday), Jessica and are heading to Tallahassee with Mom, Karen and her girls. I told the girls the only way that Jess and I would go is if they would help with her. Of course, they are probably better with her then me, so that was no problem.

We did get some exciting news yesterday-Sean and Jessica, Kenny's younger brother's son and wife, are expecting. She is due June 5, feeling good and they are both so excited!!!!!!! They are going to be great parents and Jeff is pretty excited about being a Granpa!

Guess I better get Jess in the car and head toward Tallahassee (it's 6:30 am). Hope you all had a great day yesterday and find whatever you are looking for today. Unless your like me and you just go for the fun of it!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Busy Week

Well, needless to say, since I have not updated in awhile-you can guess how our week has been. We have had birthdays after birthdays-Jamie's, Jordan's, mine and Ervin's. Kenny's nephew, who is living in Africa, and his wife had a little girl on the 6th. Mom and baby seem to be fine and Dad and her 2 brothers are doing OK, too. If you notice in the pictures, we had Thanksgiving Dinner at school with Jessica and her class on the 8th. They had the room decorated cute-table cloths with all the kids hand prints made into turkeys and paper bag turkeys the centerpieces. We really had a good time. She is really enjoying her new school and we really like her teachers.
Kenny's sister, Toni, is in the process of trying to move down here inthe next year. His Dad had the lot next door to us cleared and so they were trying to burn the HUGE roots that had been pulled up. Friday morning, we woke up to a fire truck on the lot-the fire had blazed during the night and some of the ambers had caught the pine straw on fire! So all week-end, we were trying to keep the fire under control. Kenny and his Dad spent about 2 hours Friday night trying to wet everything down so it wouldn't burn during the night again. Kenny and I tried to sleep but we both took turns getting up during the night to be sure it wasn't coming toward our house!!!
Several of the pictures in the slide show are just snaps of Jess. My favorites are the ones of her trying to "swim" in the little water feature we have out front. She stuck her head in and them started splashing around. Guess she is going to miss the pool this winter! All for now-have a good week!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm Learning

One day I will be able to get my pictures on with the tags that are suppose to go with them. You can see in the slideshow that Jess wasn't as in to making the cupcakes as she was licking the spoon. Thanks to Laurie for trying to talk me through some of the details of getting the slideshow to the blog! I have some great nieces and a nephew that I never dreamed would be more fun as they grew up than they were when they were younger. They have really been special in my life and I love them all!

Happy Halloween