Friday, October 10, 2008


Today Jessica's class went bowling. They were "practicing" for Special Olympics, which they will participate in on Tuesday. It was great fun! We are fortunate, again, to have such wonderful teachers. There were 6 kids so we had 3 on each lane. We only had one that tried to run down the lane and he was "caught" before he fell the 3rd time!:) This was the first time the most of them had been bowling and it took a few frames for them to stop looking around and realize that their ball was knocking down the pins! After 10 frames, I must say that they were not the only ones who were tired! Hope you enjoy the slide show and I will post about the Olympics on Tuesday!

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Louise said...

Too cute!!! She seems to be quite the bowler!! :) Glad ya'll had fun!
Love you!

MJN6 said...

Great to see you and thanks for sharing the pictures. She has gotten so tall since I have seen her. Good luck in the Olympics.

Lindsay and Willis said...

We are hoping to go help out at special olympics... what was the name and number again so I can confirm? I think I accidentally threw it away!

Jill said...

Love it, thanks for sharing!!