Sunday, October 26, 2008

Catch Up!

Well, I have more than a week to catch up on so let me begin with Jessica's Basketball day. They had 3 events that they did and on the last one they had to throw the ball against a wall. Hitting it in the "taped off" square, got ya one point and catching it when it bounced back got ya another! We did pretty good the first 2 times but the 3rd time it bounced back and hit her in the face...she was through with basketball!!! I hope by the time Samantha starts playing she will be able to look at the ball without being terrified!!! She had another good day and as in all Special Olympics...we are all winners! That was on Thursday, Oct. 16.

On Friday, Kenny and I got up and took Jess over to Mom and Dad's and we took off for Gatlinburg! This was suppose to be a time for just Kenny's brothers, sisters and parents to have together-of course, spouses were invited, too! We got up there in time for dinner on Friday night and Toni (Kennny's sister) and her husband, Chris, were just behind us. Beth (younger sister) and Scott, her husband arrived on Saturday after lunch. Neither brother was able to make it, so we just enjoyed ourselves. We visited, played Wii, ate, shopped...shopped...shopped, anyway, you get the picture. We really had a good time. Beth and Scott had to leave on Mon and Chris had to leave, too. So for the rest of the week it was just Kenny, Toni, their parents and me. On Wed., Kenny and I met Mom and Dad in Chattanooga and picked up Jessica. She had been having some "bathroom" problems and not sleeping very well. Samantha and Kristen were suppose to keep her from Tues. night until we got home on Fri. After talking to Mom, we felt like they might not be able to handle all of that and keep up with school and work-so instead of us coming home, Mom and Dad were heading to TN so we just picked Jess up and took her to Gatlinburg! She really did well and I have to say I think EVERYONE was glad to see her!!! Thanks to Kenny's Mom and Dad for planning this week-we throughly enjoyed it! (I had forgotten how to eat, shop and even visit without having to watch for or take care of Jess. I love her but it was nice for a few days!!!)

We came home Friday and have been trying to "catch up" since then! Mom and Dad and Karen and her family are coming over tomorrow night for dinner. Mom and Dad are leaving Wed. morning for the Phillippians so I am going to dress Jess up in her Halloween costume!

Hopefully tomorrow I can get some pictures of the week posted! Have a good week!


MJN6 said...

So glad you all had a good time on your trip and that you got some "free" time. It was always a boost to me but then after a little while I was always ready to get back to the kids. It was beautiful crisp fall weather here. Hope is was there too.