Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mother of the Year!

Don't you just hate it when you take your child to the Dr. and they find something more serious than you anticipated? That is what happened to us yesterday. We had planned a trip to Quitman to see all of Jessica's teachers from last year. She began her spring break on Fri. and Qutiman does begin until Mon. We went by the Dr. office to see if we could get something for Jessica's dry skin. Well, as her Dr. began to check her, she looked in her left ear and said, "We have an ear infection. That eardrum is bulging!" Boy, did I feel good. I really thought I had this motherhood thing figured out...guess not! Jessica had been running on fever, not pulling on her ear and really not even too fussy! Oh well, after a visit to the drug store for antibiotics and ear drops, we finally made it to QES. Jess got to see all her teachers and friends, Ka-Ka and Uncle Ervin and Nana, so it was a worthwhile trip!

We got home and decided to go out and get a bite to eat and Jess would have rather stayed home. So after dinner, Dad took Jessica by for ice cream!

Today (SAT) we are working in the yard, on the pool and doing laundry. We are going to try some solar thing to warm up our pool water so maybe Jessica can swim during her spring break!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Week-end

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Not enough time to recap all that went on over the week-end, so hope you enjoy the slideshow of our highlights. It was great to have Jordan home for a few day!! Hope you all had a great week-end and enjoy the upcoming week!

Egg Hunt at School on Friday

Soccer Game

Thursday afternoon was another beautiful day so Jessica and I took advantage of it! We walked up to the GCS soccer game. They were playing Valwood and Samantha was playing, so we decided it would be a nice day! Samantha played well and even scored! GCS ended up getting beat in the second that what you call it in soccer? I have learned alittle about the game over the years but when Jordan was playing I always had to ask Mary Jo (Norman) what was going on!:) Even though Samantha's team got beat, Jessica really enjoyed the breeze tossing her around!

Samantha vs Valwood

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Enjoying the Weather

Oh, What a Beautiful Day!

Today is an absolutely beautiful day! This was the day that I thought we were going to have yesterday...but we didn't. It was overcast and WINDY all day yesterday. I had really planned on getting outside, working in the yard some and letting Jessica "run wild". Needless to say, the last several days she had been doing that anyway-even inside and today even during church! I guess it is spring fever and the lady behind me told me she was just a girl and it would only get worse! That certainly makes me look forward to next spring!!!

We have had a busy last week or so. I have been working and it seems like when I work, I run from sun-up to sun-down! I don't know how you working mothers do it everyday. At least with substituting I can pick and choose when I to work.

Thursday night, we were just getting ready to settle Jessica down when the phone rang. It was a neighbor down the street and he said his wife just saw 2 boys shoot out some windows of the house we are building! So we got in the car and rode down there. Kenny's Dad called the sheriff and before we left the house, the deputy pulled up. Kenny and his Dad stayed down there and talked to her and his Mom brought me and Jess home so she could get in bed. I am sure it was just a couple of boys with bb guns taking target practice but it certainly will end up costing us money! Hopefully, our builders insurance will cover it!

My Dad came home from Alabama last week with pneumonia. He has really felt bad and has been very sick. His BP has been low with has made him extremely tired. Hopefully, he is beginning to feel better. I talked with him yesterday and he was up and sounding better. Just has to take it slow and easy for awhile. He and Mom are suppose to be going back to the Philipians on April 8. He can not go if he is not felling better than he does now!

I am suppose to teach Mon, Tues, and Thurs of this week. Jessica is having an egg hunt at school on Friday and then only 1 week until her spring break. Jordan is suppose to be coming in sometimes toward the end of the week, so it looks like another busy one to come. Hope you all have a good week, and if you live in the Atlanta area, hope you didn't have any damage from the storms!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

What A Day!

Samantha's Jr/Sr 2008