Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sam's Super Fans!

Samantha has had a great career on the basketball court and has had great support all the way through. Friday night was no exception! Her parents have been at games even when they had to take off work. Her grandparents have been that-Grand! Nana and Papa, through the years have missed very few if any games that any grandchild has been playing in and Samantha has been no exception to that! Back early from out of town trips and scheduling out of the country trips around her games. She also has a great group at church that support her and the rest of her family! Somehow we didn't get a picture of Papa-guess he was calling the paper! ; )
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State Quarter-finals 08-09

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Good-bye Bug and Ball!

As quickly as the "bug" came on was gone! She didn't suffer too long and actually slept most of yesterday. Today she is still dragging but I hope just trying to regain her strength. She slept throught the night and had stayed with Kenny last night during the ball game.

Now there is another topic that was over before we realized...Samantha's Sr. year of basketball. After a super season, they got beat last nigth in the quarter-finals of the state tournament. They really didn't play a very good game and got beat by a team that on any other night, we would have beaten! But, that's the way it goes! For those that might be wondering-BASKETBALL AT GCS IS NOW OVER! The girls had a great year and I have been so proud of Samantha. Walker, Leigh, Nathan and Dustin all came from Montgomery to see her play last night. There were many tears after the game, and I have to admit-I shed some, too. If you have followed my blog long, you know that Samantha has been special to me for a long time but especially since Jess was born! Jess and Kenny didn't get to go last night-he stayed with her and let me go-Thank-you, Kenny! But like I have told him many times, I think Samantha would rather have Uncle Kenny there than me! ; )

Life will go on and socceer will start and be over, too before we can turn around. I am excited for Samantha and the plans that she is making, but boy,oh, boy-how I am going to miss her!!! Love you, Samantha!!

I'll try and post picture of last night later.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Stomach Bug and State Tournament Game!!!!!

With all the excitement of the state games, Jess woke up this morning with what we think is some kind of "bug". She is so pitiful when she is sick, it makes me so sad!! Hopefully, it will pass before time for the game, so atleast one of us can go! What a day!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

One Down...Three To Go!!

Jess and Sam-ready for the big game

It wasn't pretty, but the Lady Generals won again last night! After trailing most of the game, Samantha got hot and hit a few threes and Augusta made a couple of much needed buckets. The game-tier came from Alana with 7 seconds to play when she hit the 3!!!! The girls really worked together-mainly at the end of the game and pulled it out. The OT had to be played with Jeffords and Rachel on the beach! I think it says something for us, when you are not playing your best and you can keep the game close enough to win!!!!! That little team was sooooo excited and I was so happy for Samantha-I guess I can say that since it is my blog and she is my niece!!

The boys play Terrell tonight and the girls play again tomorrow nightat 7 against Briarwood. Keep your fingers crossed for another victory and we will be in the FINAL 4!!!


We're lovin' it!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

State Tournament

I am so excited for Samantha today! They are playing the 1st round of their state tourney! It is at Andrews College in Cuthbert. I am hoping she will have a big cheering section from Montgomery-HINT,HINT! We are planning on leaving around 3, so we can eat and find the gym in time for the girls to run out. I'll let you know tomorrow how it turns out!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Congratulations, Lady Generals!

Last night Samantha and the Lady Generals won the region tournament!!! All 5 starters for GCS were named to the All-Region team and they advance to the State tournament to begin on Wednesday! I am so proud of all the girls but especially of Samantha. She has worked really hard for this and I couldn't be more happy for her! The boys will play on Thurs and both teams will be traveling to Andrews College which is pretty close to the Alabama line, so please keep all the kids and fans in your prayers as they travel.

Congratulations, again Samantha! We are so proud of you!

Friday, February 13, 2009

More Pictures

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Future Vikings Dance and Valentine's Party

Today we had the busy but best day I can remember in awhile. We left Jessica's school around 9 and headed for the high school for the 1st Annual Future Vikings Dance! The buses were greeted by 2 LONG lines of students that were cheering and clapping for the Sp. Ed. students. It almost brings a tear to my eyes just remembering-it was so sweet. Then we got inside and the party really began. The music was up and the kids were going "wild". Actually, they were pretty well behaved but had such a great time. Jessica really loved it because the music was up and she could just run around!! The high school kids were so sweet and just danced around and asked all the "guest" if they would like to dance. They were dancing all around for 1 1/2 hours! I was exhausted when it was over but also so proud of the young people that are being raised in our community. So many times we just hear about the "bad" ones, well, today I witnessed some great ones! They all lined up to tell the kids good-bye and have them each a Valentine treat! What a great morning!

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We left the dance and went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch and then back to school for cupcakes and juice while the kids enjoyed their Valentines. A side story about the cupcakes---I rushed home yesterday after school, I've been teaching for a week and a half and then frosted them after church. They were pretty cute for a mix!! Well, going into school this morning I dumped them over in the carrier!! Needless to say, when we gave them to the kids this afternoon, they were NOT very cute! OH WELL, the kids ate them anyway.

Back to our day, all the children seemed to enjoy themselves so much and Jessica and I left school, came and picked Kenny up and took off for Samantha's region tournament! They won but it was not very pretty either-kind of reminded me of my cupcakes! :) Anyway, they play in the finals tomorrow night-Congrats, Sam and good luck tomorrow!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

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Last Sunday, we had a birthday party for Samantha and Austin. Their birthdays are just one day apart, so Samantha decided to have a combined party. Most of the girls and boys ball teams were here and I think everyone had a good time. We had Wii in the living room and corn hole in the back yard. The weather cooperated so everyone just moved from outside to inside and did whatever they wanted. You know how teen ages are---I would have never tried to "plan" activities for them!!! Samantha had a some kind of virus and by the end of the afternoon she was completely exhausted, but I think she enjoyed it, too.

I know this is late but I have been subbing all last week and until Jess gets out for Winter Break this week!!! Hope you are all having a good week. Please continue to remember Laurie in your prayers. She is trying to get into see another Dr. that will hopefully give her some NICER news!!

Samantha's and Austin's Birthday Party

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Prayer request

Please keep Laurie in your prayers. She is really quick to ask for prayers for others and even though she did blog yesterday about her was terrible! She is going through some DR. visits and some tests. She is about the most giving, caring person I know, and many of us have been on the receiving end of her love! She is a hard worker, a loving sister and a great friend. Please try to encourage her and pray for her over the next few weeks.