Monday, September 14, 2009


Almost 9 years ago, Jessica was born! Since that time I have not had a full-time job. I started subbing at the school that she attended-but never worked too much. A couple of times I have done long-terms but again I'll say...never FULL-TIME!

Last Wednesday night, a friend that I have taught for in Quitman, called me and out of the clear blue asked me if I would be interested in teaching her pre-school class at her daycare. She opened a daycare last year. Well, after talking with her, I decided to go and talk to her business partner and the next thing I know I am employed!

I started today and only work from 8-noon. There is a girl in the class with me and today we had 14 3 and 4 year olds! The problem has been that the girl that was teaching, didn't have any discipline-so just guess how today went? I am hoping that after a week or two of repetition on classroom rules, we will have a good year! I have school holidays off and they are very understanding that Jess has Dr. app't and is prone to get sick.

So after thinking of every excuse I could, my "mornings of leisure" are over! WHAT AM I THINKING???

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Time Marches On...

I can not believe that it is already Labor Day!!! I know Jess started school way too early but where is the time going?

We had an extremely hard August! On the 13th, Kenny got a call telling him that his nephew in Tennessee had killed himself. Needless to say, we were in shock!!! Time seemed to come to a complete stand-still. It is hard for me to believe that it has only been 2 weeks ago today that we buried Matt! On one hand it seems like it has been forever and on the other hand it is still all too fresh! The hurt and emptiness left just will not go away. I find myself going through the day and then all of a sudden something happens that reminds me of him. Time will make things better and we have so many good memories but it is so tragic when someone so young and so alive takes his own life---it just isn't right!

So from the 13th until the 31st-the days passed and now we are getting ready for a dinner in Atlanta for RTV and already trying to plan for Jessica's fall break. By the way, we went this morning for our sedated EEG at the hospital and the children's ward was full and the Dr. nor Jessica's parents wanted to run the risk of her catching something while she was up I guess we will re-schedule!!!

Also during Aug., the girls' house got broken into in Montgomery and Leigh has gone to London and Paris for 10 days! Kristen has started her 2 quarter of "beauty school" and I guess Samantha is settling into college...she needs to call her Gin-Gin!!!!!! Louise is the stable one in the clan and she just takes care of what anyone needs!!!!! Love all you girls!!!!!