Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

On Monday night, Mom, Dad, Karen, Ervin, Kristen and Samantha all came over for dinner. The girls had bought pumpkins to carve and Jessica dressed up in her costume for all to see. Mom and Dad left yesterday for the Phillippians so we wanted them to get to see her. We had enchilladas, beans and salad and a Blackberry cobbler for dessert! Not a very exotic dinner but everyone seemed to enjoy! After dinner it was too cold for Jess to join in the carving but Kristen and Samantha had a great time and did some super jack-o-lanterns. They left them for us to enjoy throughout the week-THANKS,Girls!

I have to conclude by saying that as usual, Jessica was not in the mood for pictures. After dinner, after we got her make-up on...there was a major accident! Needless to say, I meant there would be pictures before her bath! Maybe her costume pictures will be better tomorrow night!


LaurieR said...

Too cute! Where did you get that costume???