Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well, it has taken me a few days but I must blog about our Saturday. Let me begin by saying that Kenny is back in school and taking 2 classes, so between work and school, Jess and I don't see him a great deal. Saturday he had to spend the day, first working around the house on things he felt he had neglected and then locked in his office studying!!!! So Jess and I just spent the day together. We played around the house most of the morning, cleaning and doing laundry in between then after lunch we headed up to the last home softball game. We have been to many of these last home games before but this one has a very special meaning...Samantha played her last softball game at GCS. I have blogged about Samantha before so I won't go into a long speech, but she is very special and has been very special to Jessica-so we wanted to be there. I can't believe that she is getting ready to graduate (I know it won't be for 8 more months-but you all know how time flies!) and go to college. She had a super game and they won both of the games that puts them into the state playoffs!!!! Go Lady Generals...you are way ahead of the Braves, this year!!! The pictures are of the Sr. girls and their parents. Thanks Samantha for sharing the day with us and for all you do for us!

We love you!!!!
Ervin, Samantha and Karen

Samantha and her Papa and Nana...do they ever miss a game???

Gin-Gin and Samantha

Kristen and Samantha-cute sisters!!!!

Enough on that...how about Jessica loosing her 2nd tooth!!!!YEAH!!! We had been
trying to pull it at home for several days and it just did not want to come out! So at the game on Saturday, Jessica's Aunt KA-KA pulled her tooth. No tears, very little blood and it was out!!!! Is it little wonder why Karen and Jessica have bonded so well...Ka-Ka is always there when Jess needs her! Thanks, again Karen!

[PICTURE-Finding money from the tooth fairy!!!]

One more thing...while we were at the game we were sitting in the shade with a small group that included Audrey, Avie and Amelia-part of the time! So as Audrey and Avie were relaxing in the shade-Avie sat up by her self. Well, Audrey propped her but Avie "held her own". We got a picture of that, too. GOOD JOB, AVIE! And good luck in October with your surgery-We love you!!!!

Well, I think that about takes care of Saturday. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed getting to see ALL the exciting things that happened! We did miss Louise and Leigh being here-BECAUSE THEY DID SAY THEY WERE COMING!!!!!! But we will get over that in a few days! Hope you all had a good week-end. Maybe your football team is doing like Kenny's Sooners, of course we can't all be #1 like OU but don't you think the Vols could at least get an SEC win?????! But I have to say that Saturday was topped off by a great victory from OLE MISS!!!!

HO! HO! HO!-Steve!!!!!!!
Maybe Christmas is over EVERYWHERE!!!!!!


LaurieR said...

HO HO HO Fl losing to Ole Miss is JUST AS SWEET as A Vols win!!!! GO REBELS!!!
Love you Manka, SO proud of you!!!

MJN6 said...

Oh how I remember those last games. Bittersweet. Way to go Lady Generals!!!! Boy they have come a long way since Summer was there. Maybe Vols will win sometime this season but the Ole Miss and Bama wins were pretty sweet. Love the pics of Jessica at the beach. I want to see some snaggle tooth pics. too. Hope to see you next week in Valdosta.

The Dawkins said...

Way to mention Karen.....love the pic of Avie!!

Louise said...

Yeah yeah...I said sorry! We will make it down there eventually!! Love you!

Bev said...

Who is Karen


Louise said...

Your layout looks great!! ILY