Wednesday, July 9, 2008


As you should be able to tell from the slideshow, Jessica is loving the pool. It's a good thing, because Kenny keeps reminding me that this is our vacation...this year, last year, next year-and so on, and so get the picture! Usually Jess is in the pool for several hours a day, any way! At least an hour or so during the morning or early afternoon and then again after dinner with her Daddy. That seems to be her favorite time, but I have to say, she likes swimming with Mom, too!

Kenny's Mom and Dad returned safely from Alaska Monday afternoon and Laurie touched-down in the USA yesterday! I haven't heard from her since she was sitting on the runway in Chicago last night at 10:00. I am assuming she and Jamie made it to Montgomery and are sound asleep right now.

I'll try to get some pictures besides of us in the pool but since that is where we are spending the summer, you may be out of luck. And speaking of the summer, where has it gone. School supplies are out in Wal-Mart, Halloween things are out in Michael's--why can't we just enjoy one season without rushing the next!!!



MJN6 said...

Amen to that!! Glad you all are enjoying the pool. We enjoyed our neighbors while they were out of town(with permission of coourse) and the boys really enjoyed the pool at the Jacksons. I start school in 3 weeks (25th of July!!!!)

LaurieR said...

I never remember you complaining about Christmas in July on QVC :^)