Friday, July 18, 2008


That's right...28 years ago today I began a great adventure! I have written several times about my neices and nephew but today is the day it all began. Laura Renee Walker was born in Lubbock, TX 28 years ago. The first problem with this is I can't even remember being 28, yet I still feel like I am 28 on somedays (not so much on the other days!). Mom, Dad, Karen and I drove to Texas and stayed with some cousins will we were waiting for that first grandchild! Finally, we were able to head to Lubbock! We thought that had to have been the cutest baby every born...she was so much cuter than the other newborns in the nursery! We couldn't wait for her to get home! We had shopped and shopped and everything we found was cuter than the last and we had to have it! After she got home, we would pick an outfit on her and take a picture. When all the new outfits had been photographed, Karen and I headed to back to the mall for more outfits. That began a long history of new clothes for all of the "grandkids" as they came along. And you can't one for the baby and not buy for the other kids, so 6 kids later, I wish I knew how much I had spent on kids clothes! I still have a had time walking through the baby clothes and Jessica is 7!

Back to Laurie-she has been a joy in our family from the beginning. She was a great big sister as the girls grew up and continues that today. She wants to be sure that her sisters and her parents have everything! She loves being around family and has some great friends. She gets long well with everyone, the young and the old! She can tell you EVERYTHING about Tennessee atheletics-football and basketball especially! Laurie, Louise and Leigh have had the joy of living in the same cities-just about their lives-when one moved-that's were the others wanted to be! So they have a very strong bond! The old saying is so true with these girls..."I can say anything I want about my sisters, but don't you say anything bad about them!" Laurie will even defend her sisters to their husbands or boyfriend-so you better take care of those 2 if you don't want Laurie on your back!!!!

She is one of the most loving, giving people I have ever met and I wish, again, that I was in AL to share your big day!!! Hope it is a GREAT one and that you are blessed with MANY,MANY more!!!! I love you-Gin-Gin


MJN6 said...

All those girls(and Walker) are so sweet and they are so blessed to have such a wonderful Aunt Gin Gin.
Happy Birthday, Laurie and Leigh

Dart-Dart said...

Ginny, how did Laurie get older than us? I can't believe she is 28! Gotta love those Walker girls...cause they are our cousins!

Amy and Abby

The Dawkins said...

I had to send her an email to wish her a happy birthday....and to ask when she is coming for a visit

LaurieR said...

Thanks for not mentioning the bad stuff! I love you and wish that you could have been in Al for my birthday! Love you!

p.s. I probably looked so much cuter because I was so much more "filled out"!kbglm