Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mystery Solved!

After much speculation, and several offers to "rat out" the guilty parties, the mystery was solved this morning at church. Several had come by and made comments (no confession!) but the truth came out just before worship was to begin and a picture of our house, in all its glory, appeared on the screen in front of the auditorium. Needless to say, our youth group was VERY proud. It seems that the youth group was having a "lock-in" at the GCS gym and needed something to do. I am so thankful that we could assist these fine young people in this endevor!!!!

Most all the TP is cleaned up, except for a few strands in the trees that the rain will just have to was out!! It is such an honor to be loved in this way! :)


Bev said...

GOOD ATTITUDE! I don't think I would have been as nice as you--did they offer to come unfork your yard? Who was the "adult" in charge, one of Peter Pan's lost boys?