Friday, June 5, 2009

Samantha's Last Week of High School

I have been neglectful in blogging about Samantha's final days of high school. I know we have been here before and with each niece/nephew graduating it seems to bring a different feeling...but Samantha has been around our house so much since Jess was born and especially since we moved to Dasher! She has been my "go-to" babysitter, picker-up from school person, and many other "duties as assigned", but I have done some things for her, too-not that either one of us are keeping score!!!

The Senior Class of 2009 before Senior chapel

We did survive Senior chapel and graduation! Samantha did a great job on her speech and I am thinking I was the only one that cried!!! I am so proud of her and all of her accomplishments thoughout high school-she is a great kid!

Samantha during her "farwell address"-before she started crying!!!

Samantha and "Jeffords"-longtime BFFs

Samantha's car after chapel--a few who were very proud of their work!!

Papa, Samantha and Nana

Karen, Samantha and Gin-Gin


Leigh said...

Love it!!! :) Sam is so stinkin cute!!! I can not wait for her to be up here!! i know you will be sad to lose her but that just means you must visit MORE!! and maybe with your 2 favorite nieces (Laurie AND Samantha) here you will visit your other lowly nieces that live here too :) haha Love you!!

LaurieR said...

Thank goodness there was one family member there who has emaotions!! ;^)

I'm with Leigh, we can't wait for her to be up here and we hope that brings you up more often!


The Holtons said...


Leigh said...

yeah yeah...thats what momma says too and we all know she loves Louise best!! LOL (Just kidding mom and Louise if you guys read this!!:))