Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Jeff, Christal, Toni, Chris and Josiah waiting for the ceremony to start

The wedding site

Kenny and me

The Bride's grandfather and father

Papaw giving Sus some advise!

Nana, Olivia and Heather arriving on the hayride.

Susanna and Bryce cutting the cake

On the morning after Samantha's graduation, Kenny and I got up at 4 AM and headed to Jacksonville. (Jess stayed with Louise, Dirt and Leigh until they could meet up with Mom and Dad.) We flew out for Branson, Missouri to finally end up in Neosho! We had a lay-over in Atlanta and met Jeff, Christal, Megan, Toni and Chris and we all made the 2nd leg of the filight together. Susanna, Kerry's youngest, got married on Sunday. Jeff, Christal, Megan, Kenny and I got into Neosho and checked into the hotel-Neosho is a story all it's own-and were able to help Kerry and Becky out at the wedding "venue". The wedding actually took place in a pasture! In fact, guest rode a hay wagon down to the site! I have to say, it was different! But, the kids had built an arbor and Becky had really worked hard on the reception, which was BEFORE the wedding! And with no electricity-that was quite an accomplishment! The ceremony itself was really sweet! Kerry performed it and did a great job.

After the ceremony, we headed to Branson for a couple of nights. Jeff, Christal and Megan flew out on Monday and Toni and Chris came to Branson with Stephanie and her kids for the night before we all flew home together! Monday night, Stephanie went with Kenny and me to a show while Momma T and Pappa C babysat! While we were in Branson we were able to visit with Kenny's aunt and uncle from Oklahoma. It is always good to get to see Bob and Virginia.

On Tuesday, we all got up to head to the airport! After a 2 1/2 hour delay in Branson and fortunately a delay in Atlanta-Kenny and I made the plane to Jacksonville. We were late getting home and Mom had been sick all day Tuesday, so Karen and Ervin were at the house with Jess. Thanks to Mom and Dad and Karen and Ervin!!

After what turned out to be a super long day, we were glad to be home but so glad that we had been able to work it out to go! I wish I could write like Laurie because I promise I could have you all cracking up about the entire trip. Now that all the TICKS are off of us, we are settled in for the summer!!!

Nana congratulating the Bride

Here comes the Bride!

Heather, Olivia and Megan-ain't they cute!