Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Graduation Pictures

We're ready!!!

"Not another picture...I've got to go!!!"

Here comes Samantha!

Finally getting that diaploma!

Making her Salutatorian speech

Samantha's memories

Sam with Mom, Dad and Nana after graduating

Samantha with her memory table after it's over!

Louise, Samantha and Leigh

Kristen and Walker with the graduate!

Samantha with her #1 fan!

Uncle Kenny and Sam


LaurieR said...

Black graduation robes? Where did she graduate from?

Cute pics! Wish I could have been there! ily

Jill said...

Finally..the post I have been waiting on!!!Congrat Sam...I have her a gift!!! Fun, but sad!!

Leigh said...

That whole night was such a blurr for me I don't even remember taking that picture with sam and Louise!! :) LOL :)