Friday, June 5, 2009

Last Day of School! 5/22/09

I was feeling really bad about not updating my blog...until I checked out everyone else's and realized everybody must be busy, or at least enjoying the summer, too! We had a great last day of school! The teachers and one of the Dad's cooked breakfast-eggs, bacon, grits and hash browns! It was great and the kids loved it, of course we had the entire school building smelling like bacon so everyone was coming by to check it out! Then for lunch the teachers bought all the kids Happy Meals and I had volunteered to make a cake and bring ice cream. Why do I always open my mouth about my ideas, instead of just surprising people? I had the idea of getting Samantha to help me decorate a cute summer cake. Samantha was busy with her school closing so I had to make it on my own-remember, I am not a cake decorator-maybe I should have called Ryan Jackson;) I am going to try and post my collage and Jess is up so we are going to try and hit the pool before any more rain!!!! More update to follow, I hope!


Leigh said...

I need to update my blog but really i don't feel like I have anything....but I am going to blog about Laurie starting Thirty-One I think!!!