Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Week in pictures (Last Week!)

I agree with Amy-you have to live through school closing to fully appreciate it and when you are involved with two-it's "double trouble"! Last Thursday, Samantha had her Sr. year Athletic Banquet. She was recognized and received several awards, but I have to think back on being able to watch her develop and grow over the past years. She really turned into a great leader and hard worker! It has been our privilege to watch her. Most of you know I enjoy sports anyway, but being able to watch her has been so much fun. Thankfully, when Jess wasn't able to go, Kenny would stay at home and let me go, but most of this year, Jess has gone and LOVED it-of course she LOVES Samantha! As graduation approaches, I really am having to try and realize that she is just beginning her life and that probably means leaving us behind, but I hope she will be happy and have fun in college and then be able to go into life and fulfil her dreams! We'll be alright without seeing her everyday--won't we????
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Friday was Jessica's last bowling trip of the year. It has been so much fun to watch those kids as they have grown throughout this year. Bowling a game went so much quicker Friday than it did at the first of the year. A BIG shout out to Wendy, Melissa and Charlotte for all their hard work and love this year!

We did get to spend Mother's Day with most of Kenny's family. My Mom and Dad left after church Sun. AM for Tennessee, so had lunch at the Holton's. Toni, Beth, and Jeff were there and parts of all of their families.

Today was Senior Chapel!!! I haven't downloaded those pictures but I will so be watching for that post. Don and his girls-except Laurie, are coming in Friday for graduation. Can't wait to see them!!!
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Jessica and her Mom on Mother's Day! Not always the cutest picture, but always the cutest kid! I love you, Jess!


Louise said...

I love the picture!!! See you Friday!! Love you!

Summer said...

Looks like yall have been staying busy!!

Leigh said...

I Love all the pics!! It is hard to believe Samantha is graduating! But just know that is one more reason you need to come visit montgomery!!! You will have 5 nieces, 1 nephew, and 1 nephew in law!! (And a great neph dog Titus too!!! :)) :) You need to visit more often!!! Love you@!!!

Hicks Family said...

I think it IS a cute picture!