Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No Computer!

New Desk is finally half way
finished. Kenny is going to
add shelves above it, but
at least the computer is
hooked back up!!
I love the desk and am thankful for a
husband that is a handyman!

Everyone always blogs on how hard it is when your computer in down! I finally have experienced it and have to agree! For the last week, Kenny has been working on and building us a new desk for our office. In the process, our computer has been disconnected...and so have I. I hate not being able to at least check the blogs everyday. It is really nice to be able to keep up with everyone. Even people that live down the road, with our busy lives, it is hard to touch base every day!

We have done fairly well getting into the routine of school. Jessica really enjoys going to school and being around all the kids. We are so happy that we have a good school system and a great school for her to attend. God does take care of things!

I got to attend the Shea/Colson wedding over the week-end and it was beautiful! The rain held off and since the reception was outside-that was a good thing!

Since our computer has been down, Walker, my nephew had a birthday. He is a very unique young man! He was the first grandson, so it I say Papa tends to spoil him, you will understand. Of course, as I say that I think of everything Dad and Mom do for all of us-but Papa and Walker have always had a special relationship! Walker is quiet, funny and a very caring person. He will be heading back to Faulker soon, hopefully to finish in December. We are proud of you Walker and Love You!!!


Louise said...

I've been wondering where you are!!!! :) The desk looks great!! Love you~

MJN6 said...

Love the desk!! Glad you are back with us. We waved at you acoss the way this weeked but couldn't make a detour from our route with all the little ones. Hope to see you next time. Can't stay away too long. Love MJN