Sunday, August 31, 2008


We'll we made it through Fay and are sitting waiting to see what else might be coming our way. We got a good bit of rain but fortunately ours was well-needed and all around us seemed to "soak up" it up!

As an aunt, there are alot of special things that I have gotten to share with my nieces. One of them is getting to meet all their friends. I have been very lucky that most of the friends that my nieces have made have been GREAT people! In June of last year, I got to become acquainted with several of Louise's special friends. Karen and I had such a good time meeting all these girls.

There is one I want to wish a "happy birthday" to today! HAPPY BIRHTDAY, J-J!!!! Jen is a sweet girl and is moving to Tennessee to work for a children's home in the Nashville area. Karen is called Ka-Ka and I am affectionately known as Gin-Gin so Jen wanted a "nickname". We quickly informed her that Gin-Gin was already taken, so we came up with "J-J". Friends are very special and to know that Louise has great friends like you, Jen makes me very happy! You are a very special person who has a great personality and I hope you had a great day today and that your new job will go great!!! Love you-Gin-Gin

Didn't you go with Louise to FL---I am still made that ya'll didn't come by and see me!!!:)


Louise said...

I LOVE IT!!! :) Happy Birthday JEN!!!

Jladzinske said...

YAY!!! Thanks for my b-day shout out !! I feel really special! I am sorry we didn't stop but we will for sure have to come for a visit soon =) I just love the walkers (ya know even the ones who don't have the last name still)!!

Leigh said...

Gin you are soo sweet!! You really are!! I know this really did absolutely make her day!! I am really going to try to be better about blogging...expecially to specific people!! It seems it really makes their day!! I know it did mine! LOVE YOU!!

LaurieR said...

Jen got a birthday blog?!?!? WOW! :^) That's nice but, I don't want to see another blog from you where Jess DOESN'T EVEN GET MENTIONED!!! Love you!