Tuesday, August 5, 2008

First Day

Just a quick post to say that our first day of school went well. We made it on time but half way to school, Kenny asked if I had given Jessica her medicine. UHHH...NO! I was so out of our summer routine and trying to get pictures that I just completely forgot! So I had to go back to school after I had dropped Kenny off at work and give Jess her meds. She seemed to be doing very well, but let me just say-IT WAS THE 1st DAY!!! If you have ever taught, you know exactly what I mean.

She made it through the day and swam for about an hour with her therapist after we got home! Quite a full day so 8:30 found her fast asleep.

This morning she had a DR. appointment so we didn't do the school thing but came back through Quitman (the Dr. was in Thomasville) and had lunch with her Nana and Papa.

So tomorrow we will try and return to what will quickly become our "normal routine"!


Unknown said...

Glad she had a good first day!!

Louise said...


LaurieR said...

I bought a new lap top so I finally got to catch up! Good luck on the new routine!