Saturday, August 2, 2008

Busy Week!

Besides picking berries-we have had a very busy week. Kenny's brother, sister-in-law and niece were here and we had a great time visiting with them. They have not been here since Christmas so there was alot of catching up to do. One night all the girls went to see "Mama Mia". It was so much fun, of course we made fools out of ourselves-but had a great time! It is always fun when they come to town and usually means there are more visitors coming down to see them. Beth and Toni both got to come down while they were here this trip and it was good to visit with them, too.

The day they left Jess had a Dr. app't. She had to get blood drawn and did pretty well plus she has a yeast infection from the Antibotic she had to take several weeks ago! What fun for a 7 year old!!!

On Thursday we went to her Open House at school. She has a new teacher this year and I think she is really going to do a good job! Jess seemed excited to be going back into the building-went straight to her classroom...and STRAIGHT to the play area!!!! I think we both are looking forward to Monday. I know I will be glad to be able to do my running around without here, but I will miss our play time! We don't get to play as much during the school year because Dad is around shortly after school and NO one rates like "her DADDY"!!!!

I will try and post some end of summer pictures but Kenny is getting ready to start building a new desk so it may be a few days. As you are reading this, stop and say a prayer for Louise, she is having the packing removed from a cyst she had drained earlier this week. She had been in a great deal of pain and I am just hoping that today won't be too bad!!! Love you, Louise-and thanks Dirt for taking such good care of her!!!!!


Louise said...

Thanks for the prayers! Love you!

MJN6 said...

Jessica looked sooooo cute and she is really getting tall. I know you will enjoy a little freedom!!! Our moms were all smiles on Friday as well. Love ya. MJN