Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday 2009

Jessica really enjoyed seeing her basket this year. In the past, we have just had to "force her" to look at everything...not this year, she was tearing into it!! She even let me put the chef hat on her and posed for a picture in it, of course we didn't get a good one in her dress, but that's cute in that chef''s hat!

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Jess in her Easter dress and not very happy!
Family picture-and Jess is still not very happy!

Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Dying Eggs

Might I start by saying until you have dyed Easter eggs with Jess-by yourself-I'm not sure your life is complete--

We started Saturday night around 7. She really did well for the first 6-7 eggs, then she got really bored with it. I was waiting on her to decide that the dye might look good on her...or the table...or the floor-you get the point. She did get very excited when the egg went in white and came out pink-she has such an amazing mom! Don't tell her that anyone can do that!

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Spring Break-April 3-12

Our Spring Break this year was very uneventful. We left on Saturday after Jess got out of school-we had one extra day because of the rain-and went to North Georgia. Kenny had to speak in LaFayette Sunday morning and in Marietta on Sunday night. We did just take our time and spent Sat. and Sun. night away. On Monday, we shopped all the way home, something I can rarely get Kenny to do! We found several things and really enjoyed ourselves.

The rest of the week, Kenny worked and Jess and I just "chilled out"! We got to sleep alittle later and stay up later, so we really had a good week. It was very cool the first of the week so there was definately no swimming at our house. I am hoping in the next week or so we can get the pool ready because it is torture for Jess to even go in the back yard, or on the back porch when she can't go in the water!!!!

Easter/Bridal Party

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These are pictures of Melissa and Daniel opening their gifts from our class. The crystal basket had an egg with the color egg that each child had hunted for. So each egg represents one of the children in her room this year...HOW SWEET!!! The bottom picture is one of Jessica's three teachers this year.

Egg Hunt

We had our egg hunt at school on Tuesday (3/31) before they got out for Spring Break because one of their teachers got married on that Saturday and we wanted her there! We had a really good time and the last of the beautiful days before our flood began-so everything worked out great! Jess really looked for the eggs, or at least got them when Daniel pointed it out to her! Daniel is Miss Melissa's husband now. We also had a surprise party for them along with our Easter party!
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Catching up...

I feel the necessity to blog and tell about Easter, but I haven't even posted about Jessica's egg hunt at school or winter...I mean Spring break. With all that being said, I must go clean my house first since Hurricane Jess has been active for 10 days straight! I will catch up soon-