Monday, April 13, 2009

Dying Eggs

Might I start by saying until you have dyed Easter eggs with Jess-by yourself-I'm not sure your life is complete--

We started Saturday night around 7. She really did well for the first 6-7 eggs, then she got really bored with it. I was waiting on her to decide that the dye might look good on her...or the table...or the floor-you get the point. She did get very excited when the egg went in white and came out pink-she has such an amazing mom! Don't tell her that anyone can do that!

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sara jackson said...

Dying eggs is not one of my favorite things. Looks like ya'll had a good time though! The kids enjoyed it too! I think Sydney Katya had 10 pink eggs. She didn't really want to try the other colors.

Leigh said...

I love all the eggs!! =) Looks good! Love you!!