Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday 2009

Jessica really enjoyed seeing her basket this year. In the past, we have just had to "force her" to look at everything...not this year, she was tearing into it!! She even let me put the chef hat on her and posed for a picture in it, of course we didn't get a good one in her dress, but that's cute in that chef''s hat!

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Jess in her Easter dress and not very happy!
Family picture-and Jess is still not very happy!

Hope everyone had a great Easter!


Bev said...

I am crackin up, are Jessica & Anna cousins, do I see Anna-tude? I love Easter, the flowers, green grass, egg hunting, warmer weather, cute little girls in new dresses and family. See you--Bev Jessica is a doll baby, I love her close up for your blogger heading.

Leigh said...

I love her Easter dress!! It is so cute!! The pictures are precious of her and her easter basket!! i love it!! love you

Louise said...

The family picture is SO good!!! Glad ya'll had a good easter!!
Love you!

Hicks Family said...

thanks for catching us up...glad you had a good past few weeks