Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I am going to go ahead and post this even though I was waiting on pictures. Kenny has "borrowed" my cord to my computer and I can't get them off my camera. I will try and post some pictures tonight! Have a good week-

Oh, my! Where is the time going? I promise, it seems like just yesterday school started and now it's Christmas!

The last day of school for Jess before Thanksgiving was very busy. They went bowling and then during the afternoon I went over and we made Thanksgiving cookies. They were Pilgrim hats that I got off of Melissa Lester's blog and they were so cute! The kids loved making them but ate them as fast as we could get them put together! We were trying to let them take at least 2 home, but I'm not sure that all got home with them!

Jessica was out of school all week Thanksgiving week so Sunday after church, Samantha, Jess and I too off for Tennessee! I had not seen any of my family there in years so I just decided to go. Kenny had class and a WHOLE LOT of work so he stayed home. We had a good trip and spent the night at Dad's sister's house. It was so good to see "Kankie" (that is what all of her nieces and nephews call her) and she just loved being able to see Jessica. It was rainy and cold all day Monday so Jess and I didn't even get out of our PJ's until 4 pm and only then because we were going out to Opryland Hotel to see the Christmas lights. It was really a nice day just to relax and get to visit!

Mom and Dad arrived in Nashville around 6 pm and Samantha, Jessica and I took off with them to Opryland. It was beautiful and Jess was amazed by all the lights. I am hoping that next year we can go and take Kenny. Karen, Ervin, Kristen and Walker all came up Wed. morning and were all going to be in TN for Thursday.

On Tues. morning, Jess and I got up and headed home. We didn't get to visit with Aunt Mary or Maribeth and did get to meet Holli but I hope we will be able to go back soon. Now that Kenny realizes that I AM capable of making the trip with just me and Jessica, maybe we can go on a long week-end even.

We returned home to Thanksgiving preparations well underway! Kenny's mom was getting everything ready and I had made my sweet potatoes before I left and put them in the freezer! Toni, Chris and Abbe came down from Atlanta and Jeff and Christal came out so we had around 12 for dinner. It was really good and as always-we ate TOOO much!

Jordan came in during the afternoon and stayed until Sunday and Nathan and Heather came by on Saturday on their way back to Savannah. It was nice to get to them but we missed Landon not being able to come.

Holidays are such a special time and my only regret is that so often we spend so much time getting things ready that we don't have time to really visit. I am looking forward to Christmas because alot of Kenny's family will be around that we have not seen in awhile-but let me go ahead and prepare you for the post-it will be a ZOO! We are going to have 8 kids, all under 7!!! It will be fun Christmas but what do you do with all of them before and after the gifts are opened??
Have a good week-