Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pictures With Santa

Actually she looks like, "What am I doing in this strange man's lap??

Well, last night we got all dressed up and headed to the mall to see if Jess would "visit" with Santa. Of course, we got there and Santa was not there, I guess he had to go and feed the reindeer, but wouldn't be back for 30 minutes. We decided to go into Ruby Tuesday and eat then try again. While only dropping 2 spoonfuls of macaroni on her dress, we left full and ready to see Santa!

He was there and there was just 2 kids in front of us. The "elf" taking pictures and Santa, both were very patient with Jessica and it only took 3 pictures. The 2nd one really had a better smile but she closed her eyes!! I thought overall she did pretty well. She didn't even try to grad his beard, and that would have be bad, because it was real!!!

Everything else around here is slowly beginning to look like Christmas. We don't really know when or if Nathan and Landon will be here, but Santa is coming on Christmas Eve! We will be celebrating with Kenny's family starting Christmas Eve. They are expecting around 37 with 8 under 7 years old!!! The Walkers are going to spend New Year's week-end celebrating. Hopefully, Don, Jamie, Louise, Dustin and Leigh with her "new fella" will be down around New Year's Day and Laurie is planning on coming down on Sunday and staying until Thursday. We will have "our Christmas" on Sun. afternoon and I am sure some of the early arrivers will have to start heading home to get back to work. I like celebrating alittle after the offical day, it gives us time to really visit and enjoy ourselves without worrying about all the "tradition" things that have to happen on Christmas Eve and Day!

Don't even ask if I have my shopping done, but hopefully before Jess gets out of school on the 19th-I'll be finished. So if you see my little silver sleigh flying around, you better get out of my way because I'll be on a mission!!!!

Hope everyone has a good week!


Summer said...

Yeah, I haven't started my shopping so hopefully I'll be done before the 25th.....we'll see! I love the pic of Jess with Santa!! Merry Christmas

Leigh said...

I am super excited!!! I can not wait for Christmas and its really up in the air about Nate coming now...he got on full time for working at this place that he has been trying to get on at so he is a little nervous about asking off 2 weekends in a row.