Wednesday, April 16, 2008


CONGRATULATIONS TO LAURIE!!! She was runner up for "Telecommmunicator of the Year". I am sure she is so busy signing autographs, that she doesn't have time to brag :). There are 61 dispatchers in her area and only 2 from each shift can be nominated. I think that is pretty impressive!!! Love you, Laurie!


Louise said...

I know, she's famous!!! :) She left her certificate at my office...she might want me to frame it or something!!! :)

AbbyC said...

You go, Laurie! We are proud of you, say, we are proud of you, Laurie!

MJN6 said...

Hey Ginny, I love your new layout with Tinkerbell. Just been trying to catch up on everything. Come see us.