Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Busy Times!

Wow!! It is amazing how quickly time past...Jessica is just about to finish her first year at Moulton-Branch. It seems like yesterday that we were enrolling at Quitman!

Last week-end, Kenny and I went to Savannah on Saturday. We spent the night and he spoke at one of the churches over there on Sunday. It was a nice (but quick) get-away. My Mom and Dad kept Jessica and we got to spend some time with Nathan and his future wife. We had dinner with them on Sat. night then went to a movie-we never go to the movie. It was alot of fun to get to spend some time and visit with them. They came to worship on Sunday morning and went to eat with us afterwards. They are planning on getting married in Tallahassee on Nov. 8. Heather will finish her classes for her Masters in Art. She is trying to find a teaching position in an elementary school, it possible. Let me know if you know of any opening!

We are leaving Friday morning and going to Atlanta. Kenny has a meeting at 1 on Friday and a board meeting on Saturday, so Jess and I are just going along for some R & R!!

We have had a cold (freezing) snap in Valdosta but it is suppose to be warming up. I am ready for some spring weather...and some pool time!!!


sara jackson said...

You need to call and we could get together while you are in Atlanta. I would love to see you.

Lindsay and Willis said...

There are 22&1/2 days left... AND COUNTING! Its been a good year, but its getting crazy in a hurry!