Friday, February 29, 2008

Update...on What?

We have had a pretty "uneventful" week. Not much has been going on, that is out of the ordinary for us. Jess had a Dr. appointment on Monday and he did say that her ears were clear of fliud so we aren't going to have to do the "tube" thing again-at least not now. With the change in weather, we never know when she will wake up all congested and that usually leads into ear problems. Oh well, just part of our every day life.

Today is leap day, so Kenny and I took Jessica to school and then went to McDonald's for our free breakfast burrito! See how exciting our lives are??? It is nice to get out in the morning,just the 2 of us, even if it is just for a few minutes-he had to be right back at work.

Kenny has class on Wed. nights, so that makes it tough on Jess and me to get to Bible Study-but we made it this week. We had dinner at church, so I just fixed Kenny and bowl of soup and sent him on his way! I forget how thankful I am to have a husband who goes to church with us normally. When I have Jess by myself-I am worn out when I get home! Usually I get to visit while Kenny and Jess "hang out", but on these night I have to get her after class-so it is straight to the car!

Well, our week-end will start this afternoon and I am sure it will be an exciting one-yard work, playing with Jess, maybe a dinner out and church! Hope everyone else will have a great one, too. I am thankful that I have family and friends to "celebrate" life with every day!


LaurieR said...

Can't say I know everything in life but I definitely know to remember to thank God for "uneventful" times in our lives! Love you!

Louise said...

Hey Gin...I'm having the same problem...nothing to write about!!! Oh well, I will think of something!! Glad though that everything is still going good!! Love you~