Saturday, February 2, 2008


One real reason I feel sorry for only children, is that they never get to experience the pleasure of nieces and nephews. The down side of being an aunt is that you had to put up with your sibblings before they got married and had children :), but I think all the fussing and fighting through childhood is worth getting to be an aunt!

I have been very lucky to have had 5 beautiful, funny and loving nieces and 1 nephew. Now don't get me wrong, I love my nephew-but there is just something about those nieces. Maybe it's the fact that we are all females, but there is something that has always pulled me to my girls. I wasn't married when they were born and I thought there was no way I could have loved my own anymore. They spent the night with me, went to town with me...anywhere Gin-Gin went they wanted to go.

This blog is sent to you on the "baby's" birthday. Samantha was born 17 years ago today-boy that is even hard for me to say! She immediately took to Gin-Gin because her sister wanted Nana and Walker, the only Grandson, was Papa's. So maybe Samantha was just stuck with me. She wanted to go everywhere with me. When Kenny and I started dating and got married she was OK because we lived just across the street from her. She "took" to Kenny pretty quickly so that made whole "ordeal" easier for her to accept.

When Jessica was born, Samantha was around 9. She stayed at our house. I don't mean, just came by and checked on things-I mean she STAYED there. She had her Mom drop her off EVERY afternoon after school and she stayed until Karen called and said she HAD to come home. She would sit in while Jess was having therapy and then if you didn't do everything just like the therapist had said-she corrected you quickly.

When we moved to Dasher-she was devestated! She told us that we could move but Jessica was not leaving Quitman-the girl was 15! When she turned 16 and got her own car, we didn't see her quite as much but she still worships Jessica. She brings her gift from her trips, buys her things at the mall for no reason and loves to see her at the basketball games.

Samantha is 17 today and I vividly remember the day she was born ( I remember when all of them were born ). Samantha has grown into a sweet, loving and caring young lady-did I mention stong-willed? I hope you have a great day today, Samantha! I love you!!!!


Louise said...

Yay for comments~!! :) And yay for a shout out for the nieces!!'s still new and developing remember...

Love you~

Summer said...

I understand how you feel about being an aunt. Sara and I didn't exactly get along to well growing up but when she started having kids that all changed :-) I can't imagine loving my kids anymore than I love those cute kiddos of Sara & Ryan! Nieces and Nephews are AWESOME!!

Louise said...

New layout!! I notice these things!! :)

LaurieR said...

I am TOTALLY expecting a blog about me in July and DON't try to cheat and put mine together with Leigh's!! ;^) Go read my blog, I tagged you! Love ya!