Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Ladies See the Lady Vols!

What a fun end to my week! Let me start by thanking Kristen and Kenny for taking care of Jessica so I could go. Kristen picked Jess up from school and kept her until Kenny got home from work. Then Dad was on duty-24/7. I'm sure he doesnt' want to do that all the time but he said they had a good time. They even went to Cracker Barrel for dinner on Thursday night! What a great Daddy!

I left for Montgomery on Thursday morning after dropping Jess off at school. It was kinda nice just being in the car by myself-sunroof open, music blasting...whatever I wanted. It was kind of strange because I don't think I have been off by myself since Jessica was born and it is amazing how you become dependant on your husband to get you wherever you are going. Anyway, I made it to Faulkner in time to have lunch with Louise and Leigh. Jordan even came up to the grill and joined us. It was good to see him and to get to visit with everyone. I went back to the mailroom with Louise and visited until Leigh and I had to leave. Louise didn't get to go to the game because she had been off some much lately. We MISSED YOU, LOUISE!

When Leigh go off work, we left and went and picked up Laurie at their house and "donned" ourselves in our TENNESSEE gear! We left and had an uneventful trip to the University of AL. It was nice again, just to get to visit and catch up on what is happening in their lives. We got to the gym and went right and and picked up our tickets. We were on the 7th row-right at half court!Great seats!

There were probably more TN fans there then there were AL fan-not that I can blame them. This was my first ever Lady Vols game so I was REALLY excited! It was great fun even though Tennessee blew AL out!

After the game we went down to see if we could get pictures and autographs!!! I did! Pat Summitt (TN Coach) was working her way out of the gym and I was the last one on the rail--I stuck my ticket out and she grabbed it and signed it! I was like a kid--sooooo excited.

We got us a quick bite to eat and headed back to Montgomery. Thanks to Leigh for being the driver and a great big thanks to both Laurie and Leigh for inviting me and "wining and dining" me the whole time!

Friday morning we got up and met Louise and Dustin at I-Hop, Walker and Jordan wouldn't get out of the bed--lazy college kids! I left and after driving though HORRIBLE weather, I finally got home! Glad to be home and see Kenny and Jess-but looking forward to the next time!!!!!



LaurieR said...

You should have stayed! It was fun, same time, same place next year?

Summer said...

Sounds like fun! I hope I am still as close with my nephews and niece when they are older. Go VOLS!!!