Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to School 2010

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Catching up...

I have had a few minutes this afternoon so I have tried to catch up some with my blog. It has been a very busy but enjoyable summer. Friday the 13th, Laurie donated a kidney to a friend. I am so glad to report that today she is finally beginning to feel better. She had a ROUGH first week but hopefully she will get a good report from her Dr. next Thursday. Today, she got a big surprise when Melissa Hicks and Audrey Dawkins showed up at her door. Those are great friends from many, many years back!!!

Jessica got started in school and seems to be doing great! She did come down with a sinus infection the first week-but has finally been able to knock it out!!!

Louise is expecting Ellie around the 20th of Sept. so we are all getting really excited. Before we can turn around good-it will be Thanksgiving and Christmas! Hopefully, our weather will cool down some! Hope you all are having a great fall!

Franklin, NC 2010

We met Kenny's Mom and Dad, Kerry and Becky, Toni and Chris and Beth and Scott in Franklin, NC. Kerry, Becky, Toni, Chris and Kenny went hiking one day and the second day, Kenny and Toni stayed back and took Jess and me riding around looking at the waterfalls-while Kerry, Becky and Chris hiked to see the scenery! We had a nice cabin and the weather was so nice-you could sit out on the deck and not sweat or get eat up by bugs! It was a very enjoyable and relaxing 3 days!
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Panama City Beach 2010

We were able to take a long weekend off and head to Panama City. It was such fun and we think this was the first real vacation that just the 3 of us have been on. Jess enjoyed the pool and Kenny and I enjoyed just relaxing and spending time together!
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Summer Pictures

We had a very busy and exciting summer-actually it started the end of school. Jordan graduated from Faulkner, along with Walker; and Kenny received his Masters from VSU! We did alot of swimming-Tressie got married and Jordan and Tiffany came and spent the 4th of July with us! All of this was before our actual vacation and with me trying to work at least 3 days a week!!!

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Louise's Baby Shower

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These are just a few pictures from Louise's baby shower in Valdosta! We are now less that a month away from Ellie's arrival and I can't wait!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sock Hop

On last Thursday, March 25, MBS had a Sock Hop to raise money for their Relay for Life team. It cost the kids $1.00 to go and what fun they had! About half way through-you guessed it-ELVIS WAS IN THE BUILDING!!!! He was really good and the kids all loved it. Jess wore her puddle skirt that KaKa made for Halloween a few years ago! I have to say, she was too cute-and everyone else thought so too!
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Elvis "cutting a rug" with one of the teachers

Group shout of the gym with the younger group "hopping"