Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

Kenny, Jess and I left Atlanta on Sunday morning, met Laurie in Chattanooga for church and then headed to Knoxville to see the Lady Vols play the Lady Gators of Florida. It was a GREAT day and a super way to spend Valentine's Day. We got to Knoxville in time to grab a burger and do some shopping-notice Jess and I got matching Lady Vol sweatshirts! Laurie bought Jess a Lady Vols T-shirt for V-day and of course she picked up a few other things too! We had to walk a ways to get to the gym and it was cold, in fact, it snowed on us walking over-but everyone made it fine. Even Jessica walked her little legs off trying to keep up!!! Once we got inside, we found our seats and even with all the picture taking-got to enjoy a terrific game! Lady Vols won by 40!!! What more could you want to Valentine's Day-a TN basketball game, with the girls' winning-a trip with the family and SNOW!

We had a great time and I hope we get to do it again-this time with a few more guest!!!(All my nieces were mad because they didn't get to go!)

Hope everyone got to spend time over the week-end with their family and had a super Valentine's Day!!!
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Leigh said...

I am defnitely going next time!! And I see no post about the church escapade!!! LOL :) LOVE YOU!!!

LaurieR said...

I love how you just skimmed over "we went to church in Chattanooga"! ;^) It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! Thanks again a million times! Love you all!