Monday, February 1, 2010


I have always considered myself a great aunt! Since the day Laurie was born right through Samantha, I always took my "responsibility" pretty seriously. I can honestly say that each time-Laurie, Louise, Leigh, Walker, Kristen and Samantha-I was always super excited!!! With each new niece and the only nephew, Walker, I was just as thrilled when each was born. Since during much of the kids growing up days, I was single and honestly tried to do EVERYTHING that they wanted!

Today, something very special happened--I found out that I am truly going to be a GREAT AUNT!!! Louise and Dirt are expecting their first child, Don and Jamie's first grandchild, Laurie and Leigh's first niece or nephew, Mom and Dad's first Great-grandchild and mine and Karen's first GREAT NIECE or NEPHEW!!!!! I am so excited and happy for us all but especially for Louise and Dirt. They are going to be great parents. The big day should be September 22 or 23. CONGRATULATIONS TO US ALL!!!!!!!! !Be watching for continuing updates and please keep Louise and baby in your prayers that all will go well!

P.S. I wrote this right after Louise called and couldn't post it and I just got back to the computer!! But we are STILL excited!


LaurieR said...

We're still pretty excited too! You are a great Aunt, I hope to have learned a lot from you!!! Love you!

Louise said...

Thank goodness you can OFFICIALLY be a GREAT AUNT now!!! :)
I love you!!!!

Leigh said...

You are indeed a great aunt. :) And will be for as long as you are alive! Little Jones will be loved by everyone especially by all the AUNTS!! :) Love you!!