Monday, October 19, 2009


So much has happened since the middle of September, and my last post! First, let me begin by saying that the job did NOT work out. I had really more responsibilities than I had originally thought and I wasn't getting off when I thought I was going to be able to. This my all sound silly but I just was not up to it! I was missing events Jess was doing and was going to have to miss more and several days I hardly had time to get home and eat before I had to pick Jessica up.

Two weeks after I had started my job, Jessica got sick! She was sick for 12 days! Too long for me to be in the house with her and too long to have to decide everyday what I was going t0 do about my job. So, I quickly decided that at this time, it just wasn't the thing for me to do! Jess was sick with some kind of stomach virus and I didn't think she was every going to get over it! Thankfully, after 12 days-she was cleared to be back at school! Since then she has really been doing well!

Last week she went to Special Olympics. On Tuesday, we did bowling and on Thursday, we had basketball and soccer skills! She did well and that was such a great experience, again this year! The Valdosta/Lowndes Parks and Rec Dept. helps head it up and volunteers come from local high schools, VSU and Moody. It is so inspiring to watch those kids participate and receive their ribbons!

Jess is on fall break today and tomorrow so we are just going to enjoy the cooler weather! It has been BEAUTIFUL and the forecast says that we will be back in the 80's later in the week--so enjoy!


Louise said...

Glad to hear that ya'll are still alive and that Jessica is feeling better!! Love you!

Jill said...

Glad that Jess is better!!! Glad you made your decision, why miss her events!!! Love you!