Monday, September 14, 2009


Almost 9 years ago, Jessica was born! Since that time I have not had a full-time job. I started subbing at the school that she attended-but never worked too much. A couple of times I have done long-terms but again I'll say...never FULL-TIME!

Last Wednesday night, a friend that I have taught for in Quitman, called me and out of the clear blue asked me if I would be interested in teaching her pre-school class at her daycare. She opened a daycare last year. Well, after talking with her, I decided to go and talk to her business partner and the next thing I know I am employed!

I started today and only work from 8-noon. There is a girl in the class with me and today we had 14 3 and 4 year olds! The problem has been that the girl that was teaching, didn't have any discipline-so just guess how today went? I am hoping that after a week or two of repetition on classroom rules, we will have a good year! I have school holidays off and they are very understanding that Jess has Dr. app't and is prone to get sick.

So after thinking of every excuse I could, my "mornings of leisure" are over! WHAT AM I THINKING???


Hicks Family said...

WHAT were you thinking???

The Dawkins said...

little change in your pocket....more shopping!!! Is it in Quitman?

MJN6 said...

You WEREN'T thinking!! Just kidding, you will do GREAT and you will enjoy the extra cash and the summer vacations, Christmas breaks, spring breaks, etc oh and teaching. Ha Ha

MJN6 said...

P.S. Please give G.R. and Sharlene a big hug for me. I am praying for them.

Jill said... must have been having a weak moment!!! The shower was so nice Sunday & thanks for helping with it! Love ya and give Jess a hug!

Louise said...

How exciting!!!! :) I know you are doing great and if that other teacher isn't quick to start disciplining, you have my permission to discipline HER!!! :) Love you!