Sunday, July 19, 2009


For a quick up-date...we made it through Jessica's EEG, even kept her awake from 1 AM until we got the the Dr.'s office. After we got her wired up, she was WIRED! She could not go to sleep and couldn't even lay still! After only about 5 minutes of her being still enough to get a read, the Dr. decided we need to try again another day!! This time he will sedate her but when he said we would have to do it again-I thought he was going to have to sedate ME!!!!! We made it through and we will again but hopefully this time will be easier.

After a very busy week, we are looking forward to heading off to Myrtle Beach tomorrow! I am not worried about the weather, I am just ready for a day or two away to relax!!!

It is hard to believe that school starts in about 2 weeks! It really seems like it has been a fast summer, even with me getting to entertain Jessica EVERYDAY!!! She is such a sweet heart but it is nice when I have alittle time to myself! That sound pretty bad, huh? Hope you have a good week!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Tonight as you all get all snug and comfortable in your beds, please think of me! Tomorrow Jessica has another sleep deprived EEG. It is scheduled for 8 AM, so hopefully by 9:30 we will be finished and heading home. The real catch to this is that after midnight tonight...she is suppose to stay awake!!! Sounds like fun, huh? She is asleep right now (6:30) and has been for almost an hour. I am hoping that she can sleep until close to midnight! She has already had dinner and 2 tsp. of allergy medicine, so hopefully she will be out until 12.

The bad part is I need to be sleeping, too-and just can't seem to settle down. Maybe when it gets dark-9:30, I be able to sleep a couple of hours-if she is still down!

Then you have to go through the wires being "glued" to her head, which she REALLY enjoys!!! NOT!!!! And then she is suppose to lay still, or sleep while they flash lights all at different speeds. It is really something everyone would love!

But, if she will just sleep awhile now, we will make it through it. It may take a 3 AM trip to Wal-Mart and a 6:30 trip to Cracker Barrel for breakfast but ...this too shall pass---SLEEP WELL!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Please keep the Tomlinson family in your prayers. The oldest son, Rick (48), was found dead yesterday afternoon by his Dad, looks like a heart attack. The service will be tomorrow.


We were lucky on the night of the 4th to be able to step out on our front yard and enjoy our very own fireworks. One of the new houseparents at the children's home, put on a great show for the kids and those of us who walked outside to see! THANKS, CHRIS! Can't wait til next year!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Hope everyone has a safe and happy day today! Don't forget to pray for our service people and say "thank-you" if you happen to see one!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

What A Week!

It has been awhile since I have been able to blog! It is funny how much time I really do have during school verus Jess being at home ALL day! We spend most of our time in the pool-getting ready to go to the pool-or getting dried and clothes back on after the pool! Oh...don't forget I still need to keep clothes washed, house picked up and sorry,Kenny-usually I run out of steam before dinner!;)

This past week, Laurie came over on Monday and stayed until Wed. afternoon. It was so nice to see her and get to visit with her. On Tuesday night we had a "31" party. This is a fairly new business that Laurie has just started in. We had a good time and got to visit with people that neither one of us had seen in awhile! Thanks for coming Laurie-it was great and come back soon. By the way, if you are interested in seeing the product you can contact Laurie, Melissa Hicks or me-we are all going to try our hands at the business!

I can't believe that it is already the 4th of July! The summer is flyng by! We have a quiet week-end planned-work some around the yard and house, hang out at the pool and possible throw a hamburger or hot dog on the grill. Hope you all will take time to remember our service people who are helping to help defend our country and protect our freedom!

Please remember Louise in your prayers. She had surgery today and is going to be recoverying for several day. Hopefully, she will be ok by Monday and Dustin will be able to go back to work and Louise will be ok with Laurie and Leigh just checking on her. Jamie and I both offered to come down and help but Louise assured us both she would be ok.

I hope you all have a great week-end.