Monday, July 13, 2009


Tonight as you all get all snug and comfortable in your beds, please think of me! Tomorrow Jessica has another sleep deprived EEG. It is scheduled for 8 AM, so hopefully by 9:30 we will be finished and heading home. The real catch to this is that after midnight tonight...she is suppose to stay awake!!! Sounds like fun, huh? She is asleep right now (6:30) and has been for almost an hour. I am hoping that she can sleep until close to midnight! She has already had dinner and 2 tsp. of allergy medicine, so hopefully she will be out until 12.

The bad part is I need to be sleeping, too-and just can't seem to settle down. Maybe when it gets dark-9:30, I be able to sleep a couple of hours-if she is still down!

Then you have to go through the wires being "glued" to her head, which she REALLY enjoys!!! NOT!!!! And then she is suppose to lay still, or sleep while they flash lights all at different speeds. It is really something everyone would love!

But, if she will just sleep awhile now, we will make it through it. It may take a 3 AM trip to Wal-Mart and a 6:30 trip to Cracker Barrel for breakfast but ...this too shall pass---SLEEP WELL!


Summer said...

I will be praying for you. That does NOT sound like fun.