Thursday, February 19, 2009

One Down...Three To Go!!

Jess and Sam-ready for the big game

It wasn't pretty, but the Lady Generals won again last night! After trailing most of the game, Samantha got hot and hit a few threes and Augusta made a couple of much needed buckets. The game-tier came from Alana with 7 seconds to play when she hit the 3!!!! The girls really worked together-mainly at the end of the game and pulled it out. The OT had to be played with Jeffords and Rachel on the beach! I think it says something for us, when you are not playing your best and you can keep the game close enough to win!!!!! That little team was sooooo excited and I was so happy for Samantha-I guess I can say that since it is my blog and she is my niece!!

The boys play Terrell tonight and the girls play again tomorrow nightat 7 against Briarwood. Keep your fingers crossed for another victory and we will be in the FINAL 4!!!


We're lovin' it!



LaurieR said...

Congratulations to Sam and the rest of the Lady Generals! Thanks for keeping us updated! Hope to see you Fri! ily!

Louise said...

I SO WISH I COULD COME TO A GAME!!! It sounds like last night was SO much fun!! Love you~

Jill said...

Well, thats what the Gisa gets for putting us out of their region & making us play so far from home...they get to see us anyway! Congrats!

MJN6 said...

Way to go. Keep me posted.