Saturday, February 21, 2009

Good-bye Bug and Ball!

As quickly as the "bug" came on was gone! She didn't suffer too long and actually slept most of yesterday. Today she is still dragging but I hope just trying to regain her strength. She slept throught the night and had stayed with Kenny last night during the ball game.

Now there is another topic that was over before we realized...Samantha's Sr. year of basketball. After a super season, they got beat last nigth in the quarter-finals of the state tournament. They really didn't play a very good game and got beat by a team that on any other night, we would have beaten! But, that's the way it goes! For those that might be wondering-BASKETBALL AT GCS IS NOW OVER! The girls had a great year and I have been so proud of Samantha. Walker, Leigh, Nathan and Dustin all came from Montgomery to see her play last night. There were many tears after the game, and I have to admit-I shed some, too. If you have followed my blog long, you know that Samantha has been special to me for a long time but especially since Jess was born! Jess and Kenny didn't get to go last night-he stayed with her and let me go-Thank-you, Kenny! But like I have told him many times, I think Samantha would rather have Uncle Kenny there than me! ; )

Life will go on and socceer will start and be over, too before we can turn around. I am excited for Samantha and the plans that she is making, but boy,oh, boy-how I am going to miss her!!! Love you, Samantha!!

I'll try and post picture of last night later.


Jill said...

I feel your pain, it is bitter sweet!
Life just keeps turning! But we are so very proud of her too!!