Monday, January 26, 2009

Senior Day 2008-Congrats, Sam!


It was a very emotional day-even if Samantha hadn't gotten hurt in the previous game-but with her not knowing if she would be able to play or not, the tention was high among the "Walker clan". She was able to start but only played 3-4 minutes before she told her coach she needed to come out. That was the end of Samantha's last home ballgame! She "hopped" out to center court to meet her Mom and Dad, and I was afraid that she was going to "totally lose it", she got control and did very well. We have watched Samantha grow up and it is hard for me to even think of her being a graduate and not being around next year!!! I am proud of you, Samantha and love you!
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Jill said...

I just can not say it enough...I am so sorry!!! But get yourself well asap!!!Love ya!

LaurieR said...

The last of this generation to play at's just weird and almost unbelievable. Love you!