Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Jessica, Daddy and Mom after the party!
Jessica and Ka-Ka with the cake

Jessica's 8th Birthday

OK, has been some time since Jessica's birthday and Samantha's last homecoming at GCS. In between all of that, Kenny has been trying to get paper work ready for his Board Meeting and I had a luncheon to help prepare and decorate for! I know, I know-everyone is busy-so just call me a bad Mom, but I am going to try and catch up now!

After Jessica's party at school, plans quickly began for her family party on Sunday. We had a "Tinkerbell" party with a great cake, created by Ka-Ka. Karen has always made Jessica's cakes and does such a great job. I guess if Samantha becomes a pastry chef we will turn if over to her, but until then-Karen has the job!! Thanks, Karen-it was beautiful and delicious! We had a good crowd this year with 16 making it. We always miss the ones that can't come but have a good time with everyone here.

The day before the party was a super busy day! Jessica and I got up, after Kenny who left home at 5:30 AM, and got dressed and then went and started green beans for a group of 50. After the beans were simmering, we left for a Baby Shower out near Moody that started at 10. At 11, we left and picked up food from the Gold Plate, delivered Jessica to Mom and Dad at our house and then I went to the Dining Room at the Children's Home to get ready for the board to come for dinner. RTV has just found out that after 2 LONG years, we are COA accredited. May not sound like much to you but Statewide it is a great deal!!!

Before the lunch was over, I had to leave to hurry to GCS' Homecoming! Samantha was on the court and looked BEAUTIFUL!!!! No need for me to go into alot about Samantha, just let me say, she had been special -- and she was the "baby" for a long time!!! No rivalry, or resentment from her...she ADORES Jessica - and the feeling is mutual!

After a super busy week-end-it finally ended! Jessica didn't have school on Monday, so we just hibernated and with the cold weather it was a great day for it! Plus, I have been battling sinus trouble and Monday and Tuesday the sinus was winning. Finally, today I am beginning to feel better!

Saturday is Samantha's last home basketball game and so we will be there to celebrate with her. Immediately following, we are going to leave for Montgomery to visit Jordan, Walker, Laurie, Louise and Dirt and Leigh! To top off the week-end we are all going to see the Lady Vols play Auburn on Sunday afternoon. Kenny, Jess and I will leave Sunday evening and come home! We are looking forward to seeing everyone in AL, just hope it warms up a little!!!

Have a good week (if you made it to the end of this post, congratulations!)! I try to post more pictures later...Kenny took my camera to work!:)


MJN6 said...

Thanks for the update. I can't believe Samantha is a senior. Boy, I am getting old!! The cake was precious!!! Sara might be copying that one for Sydney. Oh and if not blogging makes you a Bad Momma - I am definitely in that catagory. Congrats to Kenny and all for their hard work at Raintree. Hey to all. MJN

Leigh said...

Cute pics! Wish we could've been there. :( Excited about ya'll coming! love you

Hicks Family said...

great cake...sorry you didn't join the game!

LaurieR said...

It's Auburn not Alburn (since ya'll all corrected me I just had to return the favor!) but the party looked great! Hope Sam feels better for Saturday, she's pretty tough! See you Sunday!