Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas With the Boys!

In all the excitement of trying to recap our Christmas Eve and Day, I forgot to tell about our day with the boys. On Sunday, Landon (and his girl friend), Nathan (and his "future wife") and Jordan were all at the house for our Christmas with them. We were all in Gatlinburg last year so this year on Christmas Day they were in Tallahassee with their Mom. They came up after church on Sunday and spent the day. It was really nice to have them all together because that is very rare! Nathan and Heather are getting married on November 8, 2008, at least that is their plan now. She is really a sweet girl and we think they are really cute together. Landon and Brooke have been dating for several months and seem to get along really well. Jordan is trying to finish up at Faulkner-with no real steady at the moment. Jessica was, as usual, the center of attention as each one of the boys wants her to come over and see them. She really likes them all being around-and so do we. I just wish it could happen more often!