Thursday, December 27, 2007

Is It Over???

Is it just me...or does it seem like Christmas comes and goes quickly? I mean, all the planning what to buy-so everyone will be happy; wrapping it up-so your tree looks so pretty-if you can keep the kids out of them; then getting EVERYTHING ready for Santa's visit. Then, Christmas morning, in a matter of minutes-IT'S OVER!!! Don't get me wrong, I am ready for it to be done-it's just kind of depressing. Seems like with all that work, we (especially Moms) should be able to enjoy the moment alittle longer--at least before we have to get up and start dinner!!!!

Oh well...we had a great Christmas. We went to my Mom and Dad's on Christmas Eve and had dinner with them and Karen and Ervin and all THREE of her kids. It is kind of hard these days to get all 3 of them in the same place. It was nice-we are celebrating Christmas with them and Don and his family the 1st week-end in January. So it is not over for us...just prolonged! We are looking forward to seeing the out of town fam
ily and getting to spend time together.

Christmas morning, Jessica woke up around 4:45. I assured her that it was TOO early for Santa so she went back to sleep until around 7. She loved her stocking but was a bit confused with the tree. Since Thanksgiving, we have been telling her to leave the tree alone and "don't bother the presents". Then Christmas morning-everything changed! She finally sat down with Kenny and checked everything out.

After tearing into everything, we walked across the street to Kenny's Mom and Dad's for breakfast. Then we came home and cleaned up and went back across the street for lunch! It was a small group at the Holtons this year, we only had 10 for lunch-Jessica was asleep. Toni, Chris and Abbe came down from Atlanta and Jeff and Christal came out from Valdosta, Kenny's mom and dad, Heather (Kenny's neice) and us. It was a great dinner and then we opened gifts. Everyone was happy and I am sure, we all got more than we deserved and certainly more than we needed!

Kenny's brother from Nebraska and his family are coming in tonight. It will be nice to see them. They are staying until New Years Day.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas-got tons of "toys", had plenty of food and got to spend ample time with family and friends!



LaurieR said...

It's NOT over!!!! More Christmas this weekend!!! Yay!

Louise said...

It does seem to be over so soon!!! I want it to last longer and have so much more time for everyone!!! :)
Thanks for everything!!! We had SO much fun!!!
Love you!!