Saturday, March 28, 2009


I love springtime in South Georgia. Even though our summers are often unbearable! Spring-especially this year-is beautiful!! My pictures don't near show the beauty of our home but it will give you an idea of what is blooming! Have a great week-end!

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Thursday, March 26, 2009


I just talked to Laurie in the Phillipians! Don was there and Mom and Dad came in, too. It was on Skype, so if any of you want to get it, it's easy to download and then you can call her! It would have to be early morning (5-7) or early afternoon (6-8). She is probably going to correct me on times but they are exactly 12 hours ahead of us. Sounds like things are going great, she was working on her blog as we talked, but keep them in your prayers!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Special Olympics...

If the President of the United States of America wants to poke fun at his bowling skills, why didn't he make some comment like it was as bad as our Senate trying to straighten out the economy! Why did he want to pick on special needs kids (people)? By the way, his 129 only beat Jessica today by a small margin...she bowled a 97!!! You would think the President would think before he would make comments like this! And his apology was just trying to cover up his blunder, AGAIN!!!!

Sorry-I'll get off my soapbox now!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cold Week-end Picture!

I did have my camera at the tournament but it was TOOO cold to get it out and try and take pictures! I did get this one of Jess "enjoying" the game on Saturday morning! It must have been cold for her to have sat still and under the blanket long enough for me to get a picture!
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Jessica and I left Friday with Mom and Dad. It was a beautiful day in Valdosta and we were heading for Dublin and the soceer tournament. By the time we got out of the car in Douglas for a potty break-the temp had begun to drop! And by the time we got it Dublin-it was down right COLD! I had checked out the forecast on the computer, so I was fairly prepared, but some of our fans had on shorts at the game Friday night!!!! It was cool but we were in the football stadium so the wind was blocked some. On Saturday morning at 9:30, we were on the soceer field and there was nothing to block the wind-it was 45 and breezy!!!! The sun was NOT out but at least it didn't rain on us. After that game, we went to Cracker Barrel and got a cup of soup and tried to warm up. The last game was back in the stadium so it was not as bad as the early game!!! We lost 2 and won 1. They really played pretty good-at least I thought they did...I don't know much about soceer and Mary Jo is not here anymore to explain it to me! :)

Kenny came up Saturday afternoon and he and I left and went to Atlanta. Jess went home with Mom and Dad. Let me just say, our week-end weather did not get any better. It started raining on us and it was then RAINY and COLD!!! It rained all night Sat. and most of Sunday. I don't think the temp ever got about about 48! After speaking Sun. Morning at Thomas Crossroads, we met Toni and Chris and had lunch and got to hang out with them the rest of the afternoon. Then we headed to So. Cobb to speak Sunday night. As soon as we could get out of the building we headed south and thankfully the temp began going up...even at night. It was warmer went we got the at 11:15 than it had been all day!

We did have a nice week-end though, even with the cold and rain! Thanks to Mom and Dad for letting Jess spend the night with them and to Samantha for bringing her home and then getting her in bed!!! What am I going to do when she goes to Faulkner in the fall???? We really enjoyed getting to visit with Toni and Chris and are hoping that they will be able to be building soon down here!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Busy Week!!

New Sunday dress we got to "break-out" with the spring weather!

We have had a really busy week. Kenny and I were suppose to be out of town last week-end and we had a death at church and wanted to be here for the funeral on Sunday-so we had to cancel until this week-end. Jess got to go to church on Sunday with Nana and Papa in Quitman because Kenny was singing at the funeral and I was helping feed the family immediately after worship. Thanks,Mom for coming and getting her and Kristen for bringing her home! Today Jess and I are going with Mom and Dad to Dublin to Samantha's socceer tournament and then Kenny is going to pick me up. We will head to Atlanta for him to speak twice and Karen and Ervin will bring Jess home from Dublin and keep her Sat. night. I think Sunday afternoon Samantha is bringing her home and going to stay until we get home, probably around midnight! Karen finally said just don't worry about Jessica-someone will take care of her! :)

By the about our South Ga. weather!!!! Can I hear some cheering for springtime!!?!!!

Hope you have a great week-end-

Special Olympics-March 5, 2009

We had a beautiful day for our Special Olympics! The kids really had a great time and all of the volunteers were great, too. Jess had the best volunteers with Samantha and Kailyn taking care of her...THANKS GIRLS!
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I know we talk about our kids all the time and how we spoil them-we go to Wal-Mart, and they get something-we go to Publix, and they get get the idea. Well, I have to admit-I am spoiled!! Now, no doubt, I get most things that I want, even in today's economy, if I really want something, I usually get it!

But-I want warm weather!!!! I have lived in So. Ga too long to have freezing temperatures in March!! I love cold weather and I really love the change of seasons, but it's time for the season to change down here! It wouldn't be so bad if Saturday it had not been 80 then Sunday morning we woke up to 50 and that was the high!! It got colder all day! What makes it worse is that since before Christmas they started putting out spring clothes and they all look so cute-I surely don't want to cover them up with a winter coat!

Oh, well-that's my rant for today. Actually, today the weather is beautiful, COOL, but gorgeous! I just want it to warm up so I can get outside and work in my yard and clean up the pool! Hopefully, by Thursday the temperature is suppose to be in the low 70's and that should be nice for Jessica's Special Olympics Track and Field Day! Pray for no rain!!!