Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jo!

Today is Jordan's 23 birthday! He came home last night and is planning on spending the week-end! It is always nice to have him home! It is hard to believe that he was 12 when Kenny and I got married. He lived with us until he went off to school so I feel like he is part mine, anyway! He has "fit" into the Walker family so well and all the cousins love him, too! I hope that he will be able to graduate from Faulkner in the next year and find a job that he will enjoy-maybe with today's ecomony, I need to just hope he finds a job-period!

He is a great young man and deserves much happiness in his life! I love you, Jordan!



Louise said...

Happy Birthday Jordan!!! Hope you have a great weekend at home!!!

The Dawkins said...

Happy Birthday Ginny!!

LaurieR said...

He is a great cousin! Happy late birthday, JO! We owe you a birthday dinner here in the Gump!

Leigh said...

Happy birthday Jo and Gin--- HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! I am so sorry I am late!! I love you and hope you have a magnificent monday after your birthday!!! =) Love you!!