Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer Time!

Wednesday, a friend from church had a funeral she needed to attend so Jess and I volunteered to keep her girls for awhile. They are the cutest things and sit right behind us at church so we are pretty familiar with each other. The oldest one is 3 and the youngest one is getting ready to turn 1. Let me go on record to say the we had a great time-BUT...3 is a whole lot different than 1. I really didn't realize how tired I was until they all left. We did have fun and I am glad that we were able to help. I know how it is when you need a sitter and can't find one! I am going to try and post some pictures of the girls playing and swimming. Jessica loved having someone around to play with--Sorry, NOT HAPPENING! She have to settle for friends!


sara jackson said...

Hey 3 is not much different than 4 so maybe you can watch mine!! You would surely be exhausted by the time that was finished.