Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mother of the Year!

Don't you just hate it when you take your child to the Dr. and they find something more serious than you anticipated? That is what happened to us yesterday. We had planned a trip to Quitman to see all of Jessica's teachers from last year. She began her spring break on Fri. and Qutiman does begin until Mon. We went by the Dr. office to see if we could get something for Jessica's dry skin. Well, as her Dr. began to check her, she looked in her left ear and said, "We have an ear infection. That eardrum is bulging!" Boy, did I feel good. I really thought I had this motherhood thing figured out...guess not! Jessica had been running on fever, not pulling on her ear and really not even too fussy! Oh well, after a visit to the drug store for antibiotics and ear drops, we finally made it to QES. Jess got to see all her teachers and friends, Ka-Ka and Uncle Ervin and Nana, so it was a worthwhile trip!

We got home and decided to go out and get a bite to eat and Jess would have rather stayed home. So after dinner, Dad took Jessica by for ice cream!

Today (SAT) we are working in the yard, on the pool and doing laundry. We are going to try some solar thing to warm up our pool water so maybe Jessica can swim during her spring break!


Louise said...

Good luck getting all of your stuff done today. I have done laundry, cleaned my bathroom and cleaned the laundry room...the only thing I really want to get done today is to sweep and mop the absolutely LEAST favorite thing to do!!! :) Love you and hope Jess gets to feeling better!!

sara jackson said...

You are a wonderful mom!! It is so hard to know about an ear infection. I never know what to expect when going to the doctor. I hope you get that solar thing figured out because when we come to visit, we will try it out!!