Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm Learning

One day I will be able to get my pictures on with the tags that are suppose to go with them. You can see in the slideshow that Jess wasn't as in to making the cupcakes as she was licking the spoon. Thanks to Laurie for trying to talk me through some of the details of getting the slideshow to the blog! I have some great nieces and a nephew that I never dreamed would be more fun as they grew up than they were when they were younger. They have really been special in my life and I love them all!


Jill said...
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Jill said...

Love it!!I have not done a slide show, how did you do that? I must warn you, this blogging is very addicting, once you get going with it!!!
Enjoyed it, thanks for sharing!!!
Love ya,

Louise said...

We love you too!! =)

LaurieR said...

The blog looks terrific! I found a way that you can add whatever music you want...I'll call you Mon or Tues and fill you in! (Actually, Tenn comes on in 5 mins, so I `ll probably call you in about 20 mins....but you understood ;)

sara jackson said...

I enjoyed the pictures. Jessica looks so cute in her Halloween costume and I love the one with icing all over her face. That is a common sight at our house too, the boys love icing!!